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Time is crucial if you require a tow truck. Our skilled and knowledgeable drivers are available to assist with getting your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. We provide quick services for vehicles or trucks at affordable prices; get in touch with us right away!

Light Duty Towing

Have you ever spent the night stuck when your car broke down? Make contact with the qualified experts at Zolten Towing and Roadside. We are able to haul any make or model of motor vehicle, so don’t worry about that when you bring it to us.

Medium Duty Towing

When times are bad, you can count on us. Our company specializes in helping owners of antique cars with any issue, and since we think your RV deserves nothing less, we work hard every day to make sure you can always get it.

Heavy Duty Towing

Give us a call if you’ve been looking all around for someone who can handle a heavy duty tow and meets those high criteria. Our more than 8 years of experience in the towing business has allowed us to become experts in what we do. For costs and timetable, call us right away.

About us

The top towing service in Orangeburg, South Carolina, is Zolten Towing and Roadside. We offer the greatest service and the most affordable prices during times of need. You can use our towing service to handle your towing needs.

Why Choose Us

We have made sure that all of the equipment is current in order to maintain our prices at a low level. Since our trucks are equipped with cutting-edge technology, we have an advantage over rival businesses who don’t care as much or provide quality at competitive prices like we do.


You can’t just wait around for your car to be towed, do you? Do not worry; Zolten Towing and Roadside is here to assist you with any of your towing issues! Call us as soon as possible to set up a towing appointment.


Our first priority is to satisfy our customers. We go above and above to make sure that clients enjoy working with us as much as they possibly can.

"Excellent service, and making an appointment was effortless thanks to the driver who stopped by early in the morning to help me."
Jordan Sharp
"Zolten Towing and Roadside were prompt in picking up my car and I appreciate them being extra careful with it. Excellent work."
Jenson Booth
"I received amazing service, promptness, and an exact ETA, and the driver was a really lovely guy, so if you need towing, make sure you call this company first."
Jasmine Cooke

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You can trust that we will take care of your vehicle. If you are in need, please contact us and we will provide you with free estimates! 

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